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Navigating Medicare

Navigating Medicare

Navigating the world of Medicare can be overwhelming for most of us.  There are enrollment deadlines and decisions about which plan to choose. 

When should I enroll in Medicare?

Most people sign up for both when they’re first eligible (usually when they turn 65). Generally, there are risks to signing up later, like a gap in your coverage or having to pay a penalty.

Who can I go to for help in this area?

Since this is not our area of expertise, we have partnered with Elizabeth Thunstedt who is a licensed Medicare insurance broker in Washington.  She can help you with the following:

Insurance Reviews

  • Are you paying too much?

  • Are you getting the care you need?

Understanding Medicare

  • Do you need help getting started with Medicare?

  • How does Medicare work?

Navigating the Medicare process

Elizabeth Thunstedt


1219 11th Ave SE #106, Olympia, WA 98501

(Elizabeth is not affiliated with Cetera.)