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Oregon PERS

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What we do

For the past two decades our team has educated and advised employee participants in the participants in the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System or PERS as they approach retirement.  As a result, these PERS employees confidently make better decisions about their pension options, individual account program investments, and retirement account rollovers. We are always abreast with recent legislation and ways in which it will impact the long-term decision you will make in retiring from the state. We take a comprehensive approach in looking at all aspects of your financial picture.  How will your PERS pension affect Social Security, IRA's and any other planning needs you will have?  Contact one of our team members to do a review.

This is the most difficult and biggest decision you will make that will affect the rest of your life. 

What Tier Am I?

What Tier Am I?

This quick reference guide will tell most PERS eligible employees what tier fall into. If your tier is not clear from these guidelines, please follow the link below to Oregon's information page on PERS tiers or use the button at the bottom the page to reach out to us for further help!

Tier 1 - Hired prior to 1/1/1996

Tier 2 - Hired between 1/1/1996 and 8/28/2003

OPSRP (Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan) -

Hired after 8/28/2003

PERS Plan Comparison
Order an Estimate

Order an Estimate

PERS will only allow you to order an estimate if you are within 2 years of age 55 (early retirement) or within 2 years of having 30 years of service. 

Having a "paper" estimate is the ONLY way you can purchase back waiting or forfeited time so please push the button below to request an estimate. 

Keep in mind, the further out you are requesting, the longer the wait will be to receive it in the mail to you.  

Follow the button below to the PERS estimate request form!

Estimate Request Form
IAP Account

IAP Account

Individual Account Program is an account-based benefit for all Tier 1, Tier 2, and OPSRP state employees who have been working in a qualifying position since 1/1/2004. These accounts grow based on a portion of your salary allocated to the IAP.

Current legislation from 2019 has reduced these benefits so please call us for more information and how it impacts you. (Started July 1, 2020)

IAP Distribution at retirement

  • Rollover to a Traditional IRA, eligible employer plan, or a 457 deferred compensation plan.
  • Take as equal installments over a set period of years or your lifetime.
  • Take it as cash.

 For a better understanding of your distribution options and what would be best for your situation, we encourage you to consult our team. We have included a button below that will help you estimate your IAP payment calculation based on factors you input.

IAP Payment Calculator